Other Programs


The Social Security Representative Payee Program ensures Consumers’ basic needs are met by paying Consumers’ rents, grocery bills, and utilities. Working in conjunction with Consumers, budgets are devised 4 times per year in order to teach Consumers budgeting skills. Consumers are also taught about savings and knowing to distinguish between a need and a want. Gradually, Consumers make the growth to where they start successfully managing their finances under the supervision of TACIL.

Other TACIL Initiatives

SCHOOL-TO-WORK TRANSITION – TACIL works to provide youth with disabilities Independent Living skills training to succeed in securing and maintaining gainful employment.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION ON ACCESSIBILITY –TACIL conducts extensive presentations to service providers, local governments, and other arenas to promote education on accessibility.

NURSING HOME TRANSITION/PREVENTION –TACIL conducts Outreach into nursing homes, relocating eligible individuals with support systems in place back into the Community. TACIL also focuses on preventing individuals from entering nursing homes through education and advocacy.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES – Through Independent Living Skills Training and collaboration with area vocational rehabilitation offices, TACIL offers training in hygiene, professional etiquette, and business attire. Moreover, TACIL provides training on money management, assertiveness, and strategizing skills to maintain employment.

EMPLOYMENT SERVICES – TACIL offers basic employment services like job search training, resume development, mock interviewing, and other services as needed.

SUPPORT GROUPS – TACIL provides support groups in the form of arts and crafts courses. Consumers create items they can use to maintain their independence while conversating with each other in a friendly environment.

ACCESSIBLE AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING – TACIL advocates strongly for persons with disabilities in regard to this issue and maintains close ties with area landlords to provide accessible, affordable housing for persons with disabilities.

EQUIPMENT LOAN CLOSET – Due to the high cost of equipment, TACIL has a loan closet of equipment for persons with disabilities and their families free of charge.

RURAL OUTREACH – Because TACIL serves such a vast rural area, a lot of effort is dedicated to TACIL conducting Outreach in rural communities where services for persons with disabilities are in limited availability if even available. TACIL advocates on behalf of these individuals to ensure persons with disabilities are not exploited or leading poor quality living.